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Education & Outreach

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nano @ stanford supports educators, students, researchers, and the public through tours, professional development programs, outreach programs, and beyond. We hope to develop and propagate a national model for educational practices that will help students and visitors become knowledgeable and proficient users of the nanofacilities.

What is Nano?

Nanotechnology is the science and engineering of small things, 1-100 nanometers. At this small scale, surprising things happen which gives researchers new tools to investigate problems and find solutions! The ability to create materials and devices at the nanoscale has applications in every area of life, from more effective medicines to ultrafast communications and cleaner fuels.

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Nanoscience Summer Institute for Middle School Teachers

Supporting professional development for middle school teachers to increase access to high quality STEM curriculum utilizing nanoscience concepts. We offer a paid NanoSIMST experience every summer, virtual and in-person. Engage your students with the tiny size but mighty power of Nanotechnology to improve our world!

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 Community College Internships

nano@stanford offers paid internships for local community college students in the Bay area. Learn how small things are made and seen at the nanoscale and microscale, while gaining experience in a cleanroom! The nanofacilities are used for cutting edge research, in areas including electronics, MEMS, optics, physics, biology/biotechnology, medicine, and chemistry!

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Stanford Partners with Community Colleges

From social science to neuroscience, students are exploring academic paths they might not have contemplated without access to research institutions like Stanford.

Watch content on tool trainings, tour our facilities, and learn about how scientists use our tools in a wide array of research areas from medical sensing to new materials development!


edX Online Learning Course

This free online course hosts training materials for users and the public to learn about nanofabrication & characterization. 

Researcher Societal And Ethical Implications


Micro-internships for Foothill College Students

The Foothill Science Learning Institute STEM Micro-Internship program is a paid opportunity for Foothill College students to work closely with a Stanford mentor on a discrete research project for one quarter.

STEM Superheroes

Meet a STEM superhero! STEM Superheroes work in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Our superheroes celebrate STEM by empowering and inspiring the younger generation. Webinars are hosted live and recordings are posted online.