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Stanford Nanofabrication Facility

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SNF serves academic, industrial, and governmental researchers across the U.S. and around the globe. More than a lab, it's a vibrant research community.  SNF provides a comprehensive array of about 100 different fabrication tools including:

  • Photolithography systems (e.g., contact aligners, direct write systems, and a ASML i-Line stepper)
  • Deposition systems (e.g., MOCVD, ALD, doping equipment, and metallization equipment)
  • Dry / wet etch equipment (e.g., RIE etching, ICP etching, and vapor etching)
  • Characterization tools (e.g., ellipsometry, reflectometry, optical microscopy, profilometry, sheet resistance, DLS, UV-VIS-NIR, AFM, etc.) 

Along with the central cleanroom, SNF maintains several auxiliary laboratories with less stringent particle count requirements. This flexibility enables SNF to function as a maker space, ideal for early phase R&D.  SNF’s expert staff offer weekly process clinics to provide guidance to lab members about their specific applications.

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