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Stanford Nano Labs | Credit: Linda Cicero

A network of open-access facilities


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nano@stanford is a network of open-access facilities. The network includes

  • Stanford Nano Shared Facilities (SNSF)
  • Stanford Nanofabrication Facility (SNF)
  • Stanford Isotope & Geochemical Measurement and Analysis Facility (SIGMA)
  • Stanford Microchemical Analysis Facility (MAF)
Stanford Nano Labs | Credit: Linda Cicero

Stanford Nano Shared Facilities (SNSF)

SNSF is a group of service centers (Nanofabrication, Electron & Ion Microscopy, X-ray & Surface Analysis and Soft & Hybrid Materials) that includes the Stanford Nanocharacterization Laboratory, the Nanopatterning Lab, the Ginzton Microfab, and the Soft and Hybrid Materials Facility. SNSF’s purpose is to provide shared scientific instrumentation, laboratory facilities, and expert staff support to enable multidisciplinary research and educate tomorrow’s scientists and engineers. This space provides a home with cutting-edge specifications on the control of vibration, acoustics, electromagnetic interference, light, and cleanliness that are essential for the manipulation of matter down to the molecular and atomic scale.

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Stanford Nano Labs | Credit: Linda Cicero

Stanford Nanofabrication Facility (SNF)

SNF includes a 10,000 sq ft cleanroom housing tools for device fabrication and two satellite labs supporting Metallo-Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) and new experimental fabrication methods (ExFab). SNF supports researchers in applications ranging from medicine and biology to fundamental physics and astronomy. We welcome researchers from all disciplines wishing to explore uses of micro- and nano- fabrication.

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Stanford Isotope & Geochemical Measurement and Analysis Facility (SIGMA)

The SIGMA Facility within Stanford University's School of Earth Sciences is a state-of-the-art facility for the analysis of isotopes and trace elements using mass spectrometry. The array of equipment in the laboratory includes a Nu AttoM high-resolution inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (ICP-MS), a Nu Plasma HR multi-collector ICP-MS, a Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometer (TIMS) and a specially designed Picotrace metal-free low particulate clean laboratory.

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Stanford Mineral and Microchemical Analysis Facility (MAF)

MAF is equipped with a state-of-the-art JEOL JXA-8230 “SuperProbe” electron microprobe. The electron microprobe measures the elemental compositions of solid samples by detecting the X-rays emitted on excitation by a focused electron beam, down to a spatial resolution of about 1 micron.

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