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Societal and Ethical Implications

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Lab members have the opportunity to share experiences, helpful strategies, and resources related to SEI topics such as "Publish or Perish", "Sustainability in Research", and more.

Lunch + Learn Quarterly Gatherings

The SEI working group in the SNF and SNSF communities aims to make space for sharing ideas, resources, and strategies related to SEI topics. Although we are not experts, we hope to act as a starting point for ongoing dialogue on research SEI issues.

Societal and Ethical Implications-SEI- Group

Ethical Considerations for nano@stanford Researchers

As part of the Societal and Ethical Implications (SEI) program, a working group in the SNF and SNSF communities have put together some interactive content covering the ethical implications of data manipulation, data management, authorship, and public engagement  under the guidance of lab staff. Our primary goal in providing this material is to provide members of SNF and SNSF a framework they can use to consider and engage with these issues. We acknowledge the spectrum of perspectives that exist on these issues and emphasize that the attached material is solely our own perspective supported by cited resources. Although we are not experts on any of these topics, we hope this material can provide a starting point for an ongoing dialogue in our communities on these matters. This material was created in part with award support from the Stanford McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society.

This module is based on the principle that a primary task of scientists is to communicate the results of their work with others with transparency and truth.

Societal and Ethical Issues

One of our primary tasks as scientists is to communicate the results of our work to others.

Ethical Scientific Communication

Group of people sitting at a table with the book for discussion

Collaboration with the Stanford Science Policy Group, SSPG, bookclub.

National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure, NNCI, related resources & programs

 The Center for Nanotechnology in Society - Arizona State University- The world’s largest center for research on the societal aspects of nanotechnology


NCI Southwest

Science Outside the Lab