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Stanford Nano Shared Facilities

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Stanford Nano Labs | Credit: Linda Cicero

SNSF provides open access to advanced scientific instrumentation, laboratory facilities, and expert staff support to enable multidisciplinary research and educate tomorrow’s scientists and engineers. This facility is organized into four core service centers: 

  • Nanofabrication Service Center (including the Nanopatterning Cleanroom and the Flexible Cleanroom)   
  • Electron & Ion Microscopy Service Center (featuring advanced imaging capabilities, such as SEM, TEM, and FIB)  
  • X-ray & Surface Analysis Service Center (offering XRD, XRR, XPS, AES, nanoSIMS, SPM, and scanning SQUID)
  • Soft & Hybrid Materials Service Center (focusing on the research of soft materials with DLS, ellipsometry, contact angle goniometry, DMA, tensile testing, FTIR, confocal raman spectroscopy, etc.) 

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