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How To Become A Lab Member


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This page has information about lab membership eligibility, what to expect for the intake process, and how to cite the NSF award that makes this all possible.  We've also created a video that provides an informative overview about joining nano@stanford. Links for joining specific facilities are at the bottom of the page.

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Lab membership at our facilities is open to anyone from any academic, government, private or industrial organization for any type of research and development activity acceptable within Stanford University Academic Research Policies and Procedures. Commercial activities (i.e. production of devices for sale) are strictly prohibited; although broadly defined R&D, such as development of prototypes, are within the scope of acceptable activities. Compliance with policies that govern Stanford's operations of the service centers might result in limited access to the service centers.

What to Expect

Most of the research performed at our facilities is conducted by the lab members themselves. Our general mode of operation is to train lab members on the equipment and qualify them afterwards so that research can be performed by them without further assistance by staff. Facilities and resources are generally available to authorized users 24/7.

How to Cite Us

As part of the NNCI, nano@stanford receives funding that supports education and outreach programs, technical workshops and conferences, and facilitates user access to resources across all sites. If you are publishing or presenting papers of work you performed in any of our facilities, please make sure to help us recognize NSF's support in making nano@stanford possible with the following acknowledgement:

"Part of this work was performed at [facility name(s)], supported by the National Science Foundation under award ECCS-2026822."

where the facility names may include: "nano@stanford", “the Stanford Nano Shared Facilities (SNSF)”, “the Stanford Nanofabrication Facilities (SNF)”, “the Stanford Isotope & Geochemical Measurement and Analysis Facility (SIGMA)” and/or “the Stanford Microchemical Analysis Facility (MAF)", as appropriate.

Please let us know when you have a publication that makes use of our facilities!


How To Join SNF

External: For researchers without formal affiliation with Stanford or SLAC.

Internal. For Stanford students, employees and researchers with appointments at Stanford or SLAC.

How To Join SNSF

ExternalOur facilities are open to external users. If you are a user from another academic institution, national lab, NPO, or industry please join as an external user. 

Internal:  For Stanford students, employees, and researchers with appointments at Stanford or SLAC.

FAQs - General             FAQs - External Users

How To Join MAF

Using the facility: The Stanford Electron Microprobe Laboratory has an experienced staff that have worked on a variety of applications ranging from geological and biologic materials to nano-particles and integrated circuits.

How To Join SIGMA

Project Review Process: In order to ensure the success of research conducted in the laboratory, we require project proposals to be submitted using the online form.