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Community College Internships

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Community College Internships

nano@stanford offers paid internships for local community college students in the Bay area. Learn how small things are made and seen at the nanoscale and microscale, while gaining experience in a cleanroom or mass spectrometry lab! The nanofacilities are used for cutting edge research, in areas including electronics, MEMS, optics, physics, biology/biotechnology, medicine, geology, environmental studies, and chemistry! Help support research by working with our staff in the Stanford Nanofabrication Facility (SNF), Stanford NanoShared Facilities (SNSF), and ICPMS/TIMS Facility.

Students will work in a cleanroom or mass spectrometry lab to collect and report data, and work with staff to troubleshoot any issues that arise. Duties may also include inventory support, chemical safety, technical support, or characterization of micro- and nano-fabrication equipment.
No prior background or experience is required. All training will be provided and this is a PAID 20 week internship! 

Intern prepping lab equipment with an acid wash in the ICPMS/TIMS Facility

Our newest Intern in the ICPMS/TIMS Facility prepping lab equipment with an acid wash. The ICPMS/TIMS Facility within Stanford University's School of Earth Sciences is a state-of-the-art facility for the analysis of isotopes and trace elements using mass spectrometry. Learn more about what our interns do on our Instagram- @internsnanostanford!

We are partnering with the Science Learning Institute, SLI, at Foothill College to offer micro-internships! These shorter experiences have a lower barrier of entry for those Foothill College students interested in exploring a suite of STEM areas, including nanoscience and nanotechnology! We are also working with Foothill faculty to bring STEM classes at all levels to our facilities for tours and talks from staff to encourage interest in these high level open access research nanofacilities to a diverse body of undergraduate students.