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Seed Grants for External Academic Institutions

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In support of its vision to strengthen and accelerate discovery in nanoscience and nanoengineering across the US, nano@stanford has established the Seed Grant Program for External Academic Users. This program will allow members from the microtechnology, nanotechnology, and larger scientific communities limited free access to theĀ facilities to aid in research, obtain preliminary data, conduct proof of concept studies, or for educational purposes.


  • New, first-time principal investigators of nano@stanford facilities from external US academic institutions
  • We encourage applications from non-traditional users of nanotechnology (e.g. life and environmental sciences, paper and textiles, biomedical, agriculture, etc.), non-Research I institutions, Primarily Undergraduate Institutions (PUIs), under-represented groups, K-12 schools, and community colleges


  • Rolling; submissions accepted throughout the year


  • Funds can only be requested for expenses incurred at the nano@stanford facilities. Examples of eligible expenses are instrument usage; training charges and staff assistance
  • Maximum request up to $2,000
  • For a complete list of services and rates, refer to SNSF rate chart & SNF rate chart


If research at nano@stanford generates data that appear in any type of publication, we require acknowledgement in that publication. We recommend the following wording: Part of this work was performed at nano@stanford, supported by the National Science Foundation under award ECCS-1542152.


A brief final report is required within 4 weeks of award close. The report can be a short description of activities accomplished at nano@stanford and can be submitted as a word document or a powerpoint slide.Ā 


A brief description (2 pages max) of the proposed project along with an estimate of the facility resources needed to carry out the proposed work should be submitted. Projects will be selected based upon a) proposal quality, b) need for access to state-of-art instrumentation, c) impact, and d) alignment of nano@stanford mission.

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If you have any questions, please contact