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Diffractive Optical Lens made on the Raith Voyager
NNCI and nano@stanford present:

The Advanced Lithography UnSymposium

8:50 am - noon, PST
Jan. 21/22, 2021

Advanced Lithography UnSymposium

Each summer, Raith and Heidelberg team with nano@stanford/NNCI to produce the ever-popular Advanced Lithography/Direct-Write Symposia, featuring equipment available across the NNCI facilities.  Over 500 researchers have attended since the series began in 2016.  Circumstances make this year's event a virtual one. But without constraints of time and space, we have the opportunity to create a different kind of learning and networking experience, an UnSymposium. 

Since registration began in December, our presenters have been listening to your feedback on what you'd like to hear.  And several of you have stepped up to present a Lightning Talk.  Now that the Symposium will be underway shortly, voting is now closed and the agenda is set.

To participate in the Unsymposium, register and zoom with us!



The schedule is coming together (check back, as it may evolve to accommodate lightning talks!) 


The UnSymposium will take place over the course of two morning, with 20 minute presentations interspersed with Lightning talks and breakout sessions.  Please check the developing topics, as your votes and talk submissions come in.

Our UnSymposium Partners

This and our previous events would not be possible without our Partners.  In fact, a lot of fabrication would not be possible (or at least not as easy) without them, as they provide, build, and support for some of our most advanced and highly capable tools across the Network and well beyond.  Meet our partners and see where you can access their tools in our NNCI facilities.

Previous Conferences

As service providers, our aim is to deliver the latest capabilities to our researchers -- and the know-how to use them.  So, nano@stanford and NNCI have hosted a variety of technical workshops, conferences, and symposia that focus on methods and equipment that make up our research infrastructure, rather than research itself.  Here are events that have been hosted or co-hosted by nano@stanford under the NNCI.