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Debbie Senesky & Anne d'Aquino

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Debbie G. Senesky is an Associate Professor at Stanford University in the Aeronautics and Astronautics Department and by courtesy, the Electrical Engineering Department. In addition, she is the Principal Investigator of the EXtreme Environment Microsystems Laboratory (XLab). Her research interests include the development of nanomaterials for extreme harsh environments, high-temperature electronics, and robust instrumentation for Venus exploration. In the past, she has held positions at GE Sensing (formerly known as NovaSensor), GE Global Research Center, and Hewlett Packard. She received the B.S. degree (2001) in mechanical engineering from the University of Southern California. She received the M.S. degree (2004) and Ph.D. degree (2007) in mechanical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley.

Anne d'Aquino is scientist with the Chicago-based biosensor company, Stemloop. Her work leverages cell-free biotechnology for the on-site detection of pathogens. Prior to her position at Stemloop, Anne graduated with her PhD from Northwestern University in the Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences (IBiS) program. Anne completed her dissertation in the lab of Professor Michael Jewett where she used molecular biology, biochemistry and synthetic biology techniques to study and modify systems involved in protein synthesis. In addition to research, she holds a passion for science outreach, education, mentorship, and community. She has gained leadership abilities through my previous position as the director of the Northwestern Mentorship Opportunities for Research Engagement (MORE) program, and mentoring undergraduate and high school students. She founded and established a Chicago-wide outreach event for young women in science (HerStory).



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